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Gregory Brooks, known as 1-Hundred was born in Phenix City, Alabama.   He is a Hip-Hop artist who prides himself on paving his own way to success.  His music is based on the various struggles of life on the streets which he grew up in.  He started rapping in 2004 while serving a prison sentence.  Where he has been is not an indication of where he is going because he plans to elevate his life, so he and his family’s life to will be better and more prosperous and for generations to come.   

He is a powerhouse, a motivating force who moves crowds with his words.  He opens his performance with explosive words captivating them to the very end.  He is original when it comes to his lyrics.  His words are straightforward and unyielding.   He keeps his audience in wonder of his domination and ability to spew out words with expressiveness and accuracy.   He raps with a beat that is hard to match.  His appetite is voracious for the spoken words and his delivery is unyielding and on target.   His destination is to take every audience on a memorable adventure; leaving nothing to the imagination and no room for imitators.


1-Hundred is a hard worker who spends countless hours in the studio to get his music accurate.  He is an inspiring young artist who has a lot to offer young people when it comes to knowledge of the streets and how to survive.  target="_blank" href="">


His desires are to make the world a better place for the children to grow healthy and strong. 

Rappers he enjoys listening to are Scarface, UGK, BG, Trick Daddy, Jay-z, TIP and Jeezy.


Jamie T Kennell, known in the music industry as, “JaLi”, (Pronounced Jay-La) was born in Columbus, Georgia and raised in Phenix City, Alabama. People who matter in the music industry are watching this young new Hip Hop turn R & B sensation who is taking the industry with a quiet storm. Jaime is an old soul and it is reflected in his songs and writing as his new beginning, surface and illuminate the R & B genre. His ambition is to keep the old sound with a new flare of lyrics. We are losing songs with meaningful, comprehensible and longevity to withstand the test of time. Jaime is the man who keeps the connection to our great singers of past and present alive with flavor for all to appreciate. 

Jamie started singing in his church choir at the age of seven and until this day when he is home (Alabama) he continues to attend church with his mother on most Sundays. While a junior at Central High School in Phenix City, Alabama he was a member of a trio called Unkut for a year. After performing a few local shows a member of the group felt his heart was no longer in it so the group severed their ties. The name JaLi was given to him by a friend. Ja from Jamie and Li from fli… He was doing his own thing until a friend of his "Pooh" introduces him to Interscope Records. He got a call from Interscope and within six months moved out to Atlanta to work with the label. A lot of paper work was done with the label company before he relocated to LA to continue his singing career. He joined a group signed to Geffen/Interscope called Red-Dirt in 2007 and together they worked on a project for his first CD.

Los Angeles presented the young inspiring artist with many challenges and enlightenment about the music industry. The roster of producers he worked with includes Tim & Bob, Tank, Lonny Burrell, Eric Dawkins, Tony Dickerson, Steve of the group “Troop”, RL of Next, Stevie J from “Badboy”, Denero, Ron Feemaster aka “Nephew”, Luke James of Luke & Q, The Underdogs, Sanchez, Jazzy PHA, Gr&T and Traxx. Also included on the list of heavy hitters are Tyrese and Baby Face. His creative talent is also inclusive of writing songs. He writes lyrics of love, soul searching, and inspiration. He gives credit to Tank for helping him to develop his skills in writing music. 

He approaches his future with a determination, vitality and dynamism causing the music industry to take notice and his fans to respect and crave his music. When asked who is Jaime and where is he going? His reply was, “ I must say that my future endeavors in this industry are to be the best artist/composer that God would allow me to be. Also, to be very successful in opening up future doors for not only other musicians but people that have great talents in other fields that can be beneficial to the industry; whether it is film, photography, video, management, booking, publicist...etc”. He continued on to say,” Things that touches my inner being would be reflecting on my past and how far I have come. The things I have witnessed, and what trials & tribulations I’ve been through as a person, not an artist; and how much it makes me understand and value the simple things of/in life. My parents and family are strong supporters of me and my career.


Seeing someone less fortunate as myself touches me. Seeing someone hurt, the pain, the struggles of life, relationships that could have been all of those topics touches me. Last but not least respect & love for one another doesn’t seem to be there anymore... I see myself as a entrepreneur; young, well educated, and intelligent man. My future plans also entails but certainly is not all inclusive is designing clothes, real-estate, and various types of business ownership, acting, and modeling... I want to do the whole 9. I feel that there is nothing in the world I can’t accomplish and become as long as I believe and put my trust and faith in GOD... 

I want to give back knowledge, love & respect which are too often missing out of life. To be able to talk to teenagers and let them know that what is on TV is not reality. It is my obligation to tell young people it is okay to be yourself and have your own individuality. I want to be remembered in life as the guy who helped the less fortunate. I want people to say…Jamie T. Kennell is the most humble guy I have ever known.” 

Perhaps the above is where all his heart felt writing and songs have sprung from in his soon to be new CD. He is very passionate about his music and will tell you, “I feel that through my music I repeat a trend that vanished. To not be ashamed to show emotion towards people you love, to be the bigger person in a bad situation, to let go of grudges, make up, and leave the past behind, and to feel free to be yourself I would love to leave behind the legacy of good music that had actual meaning. My music is not” FOR THE MOMENT" music; when I’m dead and gone my music will still be heard or listened to... whether its millions or just one individual... fans feel connected to me as a person and an artist. Regardless of all the doors being closed in his face, the negative energy telling/saying he will never make it, the ups & downs, rain & sunshine, being homeless for months, being confused, wanting to give up, blood, sweat,& tears, suicidal thoughts because the road was so dark.. JAMIE T KENNEL NEVER GAVE UP BECAUSE HE TRUSTED IN THE LORD.”

He is quiet and reserve until he is performing in front of an audience, then he displays his superb singing aptitude. He is an artist with great poise and skillful voice bringing with him a wealth of expressive and heart felt singing. He touches on many genres of music while his main forte is R & B. He maybe perceived as a quiet storm but this quiet storm is a hurricane in disguise so

I wouldn’t sleep on him if I were you.

JaLi Booking information at

Johnal is a singer, songwriter and producer from Buffalo, New York, who comes from a family of musicians and singers that also loves music. Born a cancer (zodiac sign), when it comes to being intuitive and imaginative he’s no stranger:; when it comes to being creative, he’s a musical genius who knows how to reinvent himself to keep his creativity up to date with all other mainstream artist that’s in the music industry.

What made me:
From the moment Johnal discovered his vocal ability he’d sing for anyone who would listen; from performing in churches, local clubs, weddings and special events. Johnal got his first major start when he performed at the world famous Apollo Theater in “New York City”. He also got outstanding recognition by performing at every competition he could find locally and internationally. Because of the high demand for his talent being showcased, Johnal was able to open up for many national recording artists such as: 50 Cent, T.I., Mario, Jim Jones, and Bobby Valentino, just to name a few. His showmanship, charisma and outspoken personality, gained him many friends from DJ’s and radio personalities throughout the region – Florida Station Power 102 Jams, Atlanta’s V.103, and his hometown WBLK where he won Best Male R&B Artist of the Year Award.

What am I doing:
Present day, Johnal is proud to promote his free mobile app powered by Apple and Android. It’s a free download where you’re able to hear music, see video, etc...
He's working on a new  EP thats still Untitled. This first single from the EP is available now on iTunes called "FLY THANG" The official video can be seen on Worldstar HipHop, Vevo, & Youtube/Johnaltv. Because of his strong following Johnal is able to get booked for venues where he’s guaranteed 300 hundred plus people a show. This summer he put together a mini tour promoting himself and his music in order to gain new fans and followers teaming up with one of the top mixtape companies in the world "Coast2Coast mix tapes" He was able travel and perform along side major artist in the music industry which allowed him to be featured in two HipHop & RnB magazines. Johnal currently has a mix tape out called, "Love You Down" which can be found on  He plans on selling songs as singles on all of the popular sites such, iTunes, Rhapsody, Spotify, ReverbNation & more once its released. 

Who knows what the future holds for Johnal at this point. His ambition and work ethic is well beyond the means of what it takes to get to the top. While planning on becoming the first R&B mogul he also state he wants to create a new genre of music called, “Hip – Pop - Soul” music, a mixture of all his favorites genres consolidated into one. “He continues to set the bar high and conquer. He continues to set goals and accomplishes them. He continues to dream big to make it a reality. Who’s next? “I’m next”, he says, “Johnal!”

Mario says, “You are the truth.”
Brian Michael Cox says, “His sound is crazy!”
Thomas Lytle says, “Everyone at Def Jam knows who you are, so keep going.” Melanie Fiona says, “Your sound is nice.”
Dj Chuckt says, "Your new single Fly Thang goes hard"

Contact Johnal:  


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